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Project Update

Code Submission:

12 commits, 143 files, 1107 additions


yeeroot, merkle_light

1.Chain Performance

Investigated the relevant materials of performance test and conceive the idea of test procedure.

2.Chain Correctness

Merkle code structure adjustment, block verification module optimization.

3.Developer System

Explorer has added a relay transaction function, and the overall function test has passed.

Community Update

1.Chinese community held PoC-5 online technology sharing AMA, invited YeeCo CTO to explain CRFG solution and dynamic sharding for fans.

2.English community continues to grow, and the community activity continues.

3.In Vietnamese community continues to pushed YeeCo project information, activated the community with the Vietnamese Ambassador team, and guide Vietnamese fans to understand the YeeCo project in depth.

YeeCo Marketing

1. We cooperated with PoC-5 on-line for brand promotion and exposure in multiple media.

2. YeeCo is participating in the 2019 Golden Finance Annual Most Technological Innovation Public Chain Selection.

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