YeeCo(YEE) Weekly Update

Project Update

Code Submission

2 commits, 22 files, 477 additions

YeeCo Testnet, integrated version officially released!

Public chain technology

1. Testnet released and deployment are complete.

2. Sort out the subsequent demand of the public chain.

Developer System

Explorer testnet release deployment.

Community Update

1.YeeCo community held a testnet AMA, YeeCo CTO Guo Bin gave a comprehensive introduction and answers to many questions about the testnet function, current project progress, work focus, and next technical development planning, landing scenarios, etc.

2.YeeCo officially launched the developer recruitment plan this week, inviting community developers to build the ecosystem. This time, YeeCo has launched six reward tasks, involving plug-in wallet development, APP wallet development, mining pool program development, etc. You can get 700000 YEE reward at most for completing the task!

Interested developers please send name, GitHub, Email, task selection, team information and other contents to us through the registration channel to join our developer community!

Application Email:

3.Spread YeeCo testnet and developer recruitment plan in overseas English and Vietnamese communities, guide fans to understand the technical progress of YeeCo project.

YeeCo Marking

This week, YeeCo CTO Guo Bin participated in two AMAs of chain guest and Babbitt-chain node, and discussed YeeCo testnet, technical progress, future planning and other issues, and introduced in detail the technical solutions of YeeCo such as full sharding, CRFG, cross-shard transaction, etc.

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