YeeCo(YEE) PoC-4 Officially Released

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PoC-4 is described in the roadmap section of yeeroot project description:

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PoC-4: Multi-mining, cross-shard transactions (2019–09)

Feature list

The yeeroot node provides 2 RPCs for multi-mining:



The yeeroot switch can work as a multi-mimer

The yeeroot node supports cross shard transactions, which means that you can transfer coins from an address on one shard to an address on another shard.

The yeeroot node can make consensus on block finalization by the voters initiated in the genesis block.

Limitations and future works

  1. Strictly speaking,the relay transaction of a cross shard transaction relies on the finalization the origin transaction. In current PoC version, we implemented it in a simple way: we treated an origin transaction as finalized when it was 2-confirmed. The full implementation with CRFG will be released in PoC-5.
  2. The votes of CRFG should be recent block miners. Full CRFG version will be released in PoC-5.
  3. Block interval is not short enough, will be improved in PoC-5.

YeeCo POCNET(POC-4)Introduction and Operation Manual

As shown in the figure below, the MPMR of the same highlight color indicates that the block was dug by the parallel miner. MPMR (Multi proof merkle root) means that blocks of different shards share a Merkel tree root when they are dug by the same parallel miner.

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At present, YeeCo supports transfer between different shards. The Genesis address test currency can transfer money to any sharded address, but the address transfer speed between different shards is slightly slower than the address transfer speed in the same shard.



The Experience Address of POCNET (PoC-4):

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YeeCo Blockchain Technical WhitePaper V0.2:

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