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Project Update

  1. P2p network

Caller’s demand communication completed.

2.Consensus Module

Fixed the initialization problem of light peer shard data, determine the program of full-sharding light peer service and start development.

3.Mining Ecology

Development of job template rpc completed, parallel mining logic completed a round of testing.

4.Final certainty

The final certainty environment module is basically completed.


The original transaction decoding in the balances module is completed and integrated into the balances module.

Community update

1.China’s WeChat community continued to grow this week, with 31 WeChat groups and added 1088 group members.The main contingent of the community continues to expand.

2.This week’s,“YEE Global Salon Station in Xi’an” live airdrop event has launched, share event posters and comment on the live broadcast,grab 888YEE!

3.This week, in conjunction with market activities, we will guide our guests to join the YEE community and have in-depth exchanges with new members to introduce the YeeCo project.

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1.Overseas communities continued to expand this week,Community activity continues.Published Vietnam Meetup Activity Links on Facebook and other channels.

2.This week, the Vietnamese community continues promoted the Meetup in Ho Chi Minh City and guided Vietnamese users to sign up for offline activities.

Registration link:

YeeCo Marketing

1.On August 25th, YeeCo Global Events — Xi’an Station was successfully held in the ancient capital of Xi’an.In the event, I met Xi’an blockchain practitioners and YEE holders. Everyone has made an open and honest discussion about the current status and future development of YeeCo. YeeCo’s technology innovation and commercial landing plan have been fully recognized and supported by the participating users, communities and media partners.

2.YeeCo was invited to participate in a series of events held by YOUChian on August 24th, 25th and 28th, respectively, and delivered a keynote speech entitled “Towards a Smarter Future” at the conference.

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The first overseas station of YeeCo: YeeCo Meetup Vietnam 2019 will be held in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam on August 31, to introduce the technical progress, ecological layout and commercial plan of the YeeCo public chain to Vietnamese users. YeeCo will open up and expand the international markets of Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States.

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