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Project Update

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YeeCo devs
  1. Consensus Module

The PoW block generation logic development has been done and block generation can be implemented locally.

Discussed and designed the algorithm of difficulty adjustment.

Discussed and designed the hash algorithm.

2. Network Sharding Module

The network sharding demo is 80% complete, and message broadcast can be performed in multiple subnets.

Discussed and designed the mechanism for cross-shard message broadcast.

3. Web Wallet and Switch Module

Discussed and designed the transfer operation process was discussed and decided that YeeCo uses the web wallet and switch module to interact in PoC-3.

YeeCo Marketing

  1. YeeCo will hold a “5G Era, YEE To The Moon” meetup at Shenzhen on July 14th.
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2. On July 15th, YeeCo CIO is invited to do an online AMA in the blocktimes Taiwan community. It is expected that 1000 members of the community will participate in the online AMA.

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3. YeeCo will co-host 2019 Taiwan 1st Blockchain Week in Taiwan on July 19th. YeeCo will meet with Taiwan industry partners and community leaders, and will also take a tour to the campus to learn about the university students’ focus and thoughts on blockchain.

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To know more about YeeCo:

YeeCo Blockchain Technical WhitePaper V0.2:

English version: http://tinyurl.com/y2bkt4ym

Chinese version: https://github.com/yeeco/wiki

Visit official website: yeeco.io

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A decentralized, high-performance infrastructure for the Internet of everything in 5G era 🔗Site: yeeco.io, Twitter: @YeeCoOfficial, Telegram: @yeeofficialgroup

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