Project Update

  1. Consensus Module

The PoW block generation automatic adjustment mechanism of difficulty has been completed.

2.Network Sharding Module

Has been completed,the main program can work on the sharding network.

3.Web Wallet and Switch Module

Switch rpc has been completed.

Web wallet was under development.

4.CRFG Module

CRFG-demo project was under development.

Community update

In the Vietnamese community, a answering activity was launched, and Vietnamese users participated actively.At present, the telegram community in Vietnam reaches 400 people. Coin68 and BigcoinVietnam,two header blockchain media released the event at the same time.

YeeCo Marketing

This week,YeeCo team organized 2019 Taiwan 1st Blockchain Week in Taiwan,and launched newsletters in media channels such as Brock 360, Coinin of Korea, and Beecast of Southeast Asia.The event will be held on July 28–30.

Ecological project

  1. David Li attended the MiningDisrupt in Miami, USA on July 23–24, US time, hosted by BlokTech.During the conference, David gave a keynote speech on the theme of A trustful mining world.

2.Banko Wallet and Ontology jointly launched the PAX asset management plan, the first phase only opened 50,000 US dollars.

A decentralized, high-performance infrastructure for the Internet of everything in 5G era 🔗Site: yeeco.io, Twitter: @YeeCoOfficial, Telegram: @yeeofficialgroup

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