YeeCo Weekly Update

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1 min readSep 11, 2020

Project Update

Code Submission

1 Commits, 11 files, 692 additions

Public Chain Technology

1.Optimize the blockchain browser.

2.Complete the development of a new mining program and publish it to github.

3. Complete the recording of the node deployment video tutorial.

4. The relay transaction status monitoring program is under development.

Swap this week

Number of addresses: 2

Total amount: 2,009.5

Community Update

1.Push project reports in English community, guide fans to understand YeeCo project.

2.Push project reports in Vietnamese community, guide fans to understand YeeCo project.

3.In order to optimize everyone’s mining experience, we have made a new mining program.

Minner download link:


Please use it in conjunction with the mining tutorial.

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