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Project Update

Code submission:

14 commits, 59 files, 1516 additions


yeeroot, substrate, merkle_light, hdwallet-demo

1.Consensus and Final Certainty

The voting node rotation of CRFG was completed.

2.Transaction and Cross-shard

Cross-sliced transaction Merkle proof read development completed.

3.Developer System

Design and develop the Explorer front-end page.

HD wallet address derivation demo was completed.

Community Update

1.The Chinese community continues to grow and and the community activities continues, the coverage of external communities continues to expand.

2.The community group leaders continue to recruit, and interested fans can trust administrators to sign up.

3.YeeCo completed the development of the CRFG solution of PoC-5 phase in advance, it solved the cross-chip transaction problem of the blockchain segmentation network. Relevant news was widely spread in the communities which guide users to understand the technology of YeeCo project.

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4.We have in-depth communication with users of the partner community, introducing the YeeCo project.

  1. The English community continues to grow, and the community activity continues.
  2. In Vietnamese community, we continue pushed YeeCo project information, activated the community with the Vietnamese Ambassador team, and guide Vietnamese fans to understand the YeeCo project in depth.

YeeCo Marketing

1.Completed the article of parallel mining direction, and published it in multiple media.


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2.Prepare for yeeco’s follow-up offline activities.

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