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Project Update

1.P2p network

Inter-slice p2p network detail under development.

2.Consensus Module

Completed the runtime fragmentation information module.

3.Mining Ecology

Complete the design of RPC related to mining,and under development.

4.Final certainty

Completed the design discussion and clarified the specific plan, under development.


Completed the basic work of the runtime balance module, under development.

Community update

  1. China’s WeChat community continued to grow this week, with 25 WeChat groups and 4,921 WeChat members;
  2. This week, the YeeCo technical answering event was launched, and community users participated actively. As of the date of publication, more than 80 user-submitted answers have been received.
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  1. Overseas communities continued to expand this week, with the Telegram group reaching 9601 people.
  2. This week, the Vietnamese community hosted an online AMA, which was enthusiastically participated by Vietnamese users. YeeCo CIO David gave in-depth answers to 20 community questions collected before the event, and answered more than 10 questions from Vietnamese users live on the event, which deepened Vietnamese community users’understanding and belief in YEE.
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YeeCo Marketing

  1. Organized the Meetup event in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, scheduled to be held on August 31.
  2. Planning of multi-city off-line activities in China, docking with KOL in multi-city communities.
  3. Update YeeCo’s official website: optimize interface design, mobile adaptation, add Chinese and English versions, update the introduction of public chain features, add YeeCo POCNET entries.
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