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Project Update

Code submission:

2 commits, 6 files, 125 additions

  1. Consensus and Final certainty

Supported the calculation of node voting weight, fixed the problem that the cry data of the CRFG module fails to read.

2.Transaction and Cross-shard

Researched the parts of the Cross-shard involving the foreign network and the foreign chain.

3.Developer system

Researched the technical stack and data format definitions involved in the explore.

Community Update

  1. This week, we improved the quality of Chinese communities,and expanded external community coverage.The community group leaders continue to recruit, and interested fans can trust administrators to sign up.
  2. This week, according to the economic model and ecological construction plan of YeeCo white paper, the situation of unlocked of the YEE locks as of October 10 was publicized in the community.
  3. This week, we have in-depth communication with users of the community, introducing the YeeCo project.
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  1. This week, we improved the quality of English community, and community activity continues.
  2. This week in Vietnamese community, we continue pushed YeeCo project information, activated the community with the Vietnamese Ambassador team, and guide Vietnamese fans to understand the YeeCo project in depth.

YeeCo Marketing

  1. YeeCo participated in the offline [Link O-link City Summit (Xi’an Station)] offline event held by the industry’s senior media Odaily on October 13. YeeCo CIO David Li attended the round table and discuss with the guests the risks and opportunities of the sector at this stage.
  2. Participated in the “BigBang China Event” and had in-depth exchanges with industry experts and investors.
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YeeCo Blockchain Technical WhitePaper V0.2:

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