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Project Update

  1. P2P network

Foreign network module completed.

2.Consensus Module

Foreign chain module completed.

3.Mining Ecology

Parallel mining function completed.

4.Final certainty

Completed the HalfLink and runtime support of CRFG, and the final certainty process service is ready to run.


Relay transaction and foreignnetwork debugging passed, can join the transaction pool.

Community update

  1. China’s WeChat community continued to grow this week with more than 6700 people. One new Wechat group, one new recruited community leader.
  2. This week, we updated the recruitment and assessment plan for group leaders, added the criteria for holding positions, enriched the latitude of assessment, and enabled the competent group leaders to receive more awards. Interested fans can trust administrators to sign up.
  3. This week, the Chinese community launched the Mid-Autumn Festival theme activities, more than 300 fans participated. In the public number to send the keyword “Moon cake”, scan the two-dimensional code in the event poster can participate in the event.
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  1. This week in English communities continued to expand this week,Community activity continues.
  2. This week in Vietnamese community, we continue pushed YeeCo project information, activated the community with the Vietnamese Ambassador team, and guide Vietnamese fans to understand the YeeCo project in depth.
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YeeCo Marketing

  1. This week, we summarized the resumption of domestic and foreign global activities and prepared for follow-up online activities.
  2. YeeCo Taiwan Ambassadors Organize coscup Activities,this is NTU AI Club’s first large meeting.
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