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Project Update

Code submission:

2 commits, 14 files, 122 addtions

  1. Consensus and Final certainty

Completed runtime development of CRFG voting node changes, built an environment test.

2.Transaction and Cross-shard

Investigated the justification process, determined the proof plan and complete the structure definition.

3.Developer system

Completed the construction of YeeCo Explorer development environment, organized Explorer database table design and explorer external API.

Community update

  1. This month, we improved the quality of Chinese communities,and expanded external community coverage.The community group leaders continue to recruit, and interested fans can trust administrators to sign up.
  2. This week, in the YEE official technology community and the core user group, a PoC-4 online technology sharing and answering activity was held. The CTO Guo Bin of YeeCo (YEE) project was invited to explain the relevant technical content of PoC-4 in detail for the community users. The 15 technical questions of the community users were answered in detail, which deepened the community users’understanding of YEE public chain project technology.
  3. This week, we have in-depth communication with users of the community, introducing the YeeCo project.
  1. This week, we improved the quality of English community, and community activity continues.
  2. This week in Vietnamese community, we continue pushed YeeCo project information, activated the community with the Vietnamese Ambassador team, and guide Vietnamese fans to understand the YeeCo project in depth.

YeeCo Marketing

  1. YeeCo was invited to participate in the offline [Link O-link City Summit (Xi’an Station)] offline event held by the industry’s senior media Odaily. YeeCo CIO David Li will attend the round table and discuss with the guests the risks and opportunities of the sector at this stage.

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