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Project Update

There are 13 commits made by YeeCo devs on GitHub this week. The devs are working on the development of YeeCo PoW consensus and sharding.

The development progress in specific:

  1. PoW consensus module prototype completed;

YeeCo Blockchain Technical WhitePaper V0.2 is released this week. The upgraded whitepaper introduces YeeCo’s innovative industry-leading technology solutions, unique underlying technologies and rich application scenarios, and presents a more ambitious vision for the 5G era.

Some of the highlights include:

  1. YeeCo strives to become a decentralized, high-performance Internet infrastructure that allows value to circulate freely in the Internet of all things that’s constructed through 5G.

YeeCo Marketing

YeeCo CTO Guo Bin’s talk on “The Quest for Blockchain Scalability” is available on YouTube

On the afternoon of June 20, YeeCo CTO Guo Bin attended “Meet the Next-Generation Blockchain”, the first blockchain technological exchange presented by Y-Talk and co-hosted by YeeCo and bloXroute. At the event, Guo Bin gave a speech about the exploration of blockchain scalability that has been done by various projects, compared the 4 existing solutions, and revealed that YeeCo adopts CRFG(Conditional Reward Finality Gadgets) and other innovative technologies to better solve blockchain scalability and meet the needs for the application in big-scale business scenarios.

YeeCo is invited to attend 2019 Global Blockchain ECO Summit held in Shenzhen on July 14th

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YeeCo will attend Taiwan 1st Blockchain Week during Jul. 28 — Jul. 30

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YeeCo Community

YeeCo team held an AMA event in the Chinese community at 7:30 pm Beijing time yesterday. I’ll compile an article about the Q&As to let you guys catch the information. We’ll also hold AMA events in the English community soon. Stay tuned.

To know more about YeeCo:

YeeCo Blockchain Technical WhitePaper V0.2:

English version:

Chinese version:

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