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Project Update

Code submission

10 commits, 54 files, 366 additions


yeeroot, substrate, merkle_light, hdwallet-demo

1.Consensus and Final Certainty

Investigated the GHOST protocol.

2.Transaction and Cross-shard

Development of relay Merkle proof generation module completed.

3.Developer System

Explorer storage transformation completed new field addition, ui and api debugging succeeded.

Community Update

Chinese Community

  1. The Chinese community continues to grow and and the community activities continues, the coverage of external communities continues to expand.
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Overseas Community

  1. The English community continues to grow, and the community activity continues.

YeeCo Marketing

The “YeeCall Wallet Stop Service Announcement” was forwarded to the community. It is reported that YeeCall stopped the wallet service this time in order to adapt to the application store rules, and also to adjust the more accurate positioning for the product.

The wallet function in yeecall of Android version has been officially closed on October 30. Users can visit the web version of Yee wallet to view and manage assets. The web version of Yee wallet will also officially stop service on November 15. Users with balance should transfer out as soon as possible and recommend using our ecological banko wallet.

Yee Wallet Web Edition:

Download banko Wallet:

Original of YeeCall wallet stop service announcement:

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