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Project Update

There are 13 commits made by YeeCo devs on GitHub this week. The devs are working on the technical construction of YeeCo PoW mechanism.

“Is PoW Outdated? What are the Essential Advantages of PoW Consensus?”, the second technical article written by YeeCo CTO, has been published on Medium and posted on bitcointalk and triggered much discussion on the blockchain technology.

One more great news is that Altcoin Magazine will feature our articles on their page as well. Thanks for their invitation.



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YeeCo Marketing

  1. YeeCo and YeeCo’s ecological partner Rawpool attended the Bitcoin2019 summit in California this week. At the summit, the team learned the updates in Bitcoin mining industry, studied the BTC Layer 2 solution, and exchanged thoughts with other blockchain projects.
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3. YeeCo devs attended Ethereum Technology and Application Conference this Saturday in Beijing and learned the latest development in Ethereum Technology.

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