YeeCo project PoC-3 officially released

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On July 30th, YeeCo officially released the PoC-3

PoC-3 is described in the roadmap section of yeeroot project description:

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PoC-3: PoW consensus, static sharding (2019–07)

PoC-3 Version introduction


PoC:The proof-of-concept version is mainly used to verify the feasibility of the technical solution.

Full-sharing:The network sharding,transaction sharding,state sharding and storage sharding.In order to ensure the high performance of the public chain.YeeCo’s full-sharding architecture will completely split the four workloads of a blockchain system: bandwidth (broadcasting blocks and transactions), calculations (validating transactions and update status), and memory (storing the latest state of the books), Disk read and write (recording history blocks).

YeeCo completely divide these four parts,thereby achieved scalable and high performance in both throughput (TPS) and capacity,sufficient to deal with mainstream performance needs such as transfer, asset management+trading.

Parallel mining:A technique that works on multiple shards simultaneously to defend against 1% attacks.

Static sharding:The number of fragments is fixed during initialization, and dynamic expansion is not supported at this time.

Feature list

1.PoW consensus

The block head has been already designed for multi mining.

Block interval: 60s

2.Static full-sharding

Initially set 4 shards, not yet supporting dynamic expansion.

Limitations and future works

1.cross shard transaction is not supported, will be implemented in PoC-4.

2.Block interval is not short enough, will be improved in PoC-5.

Currently YeeCo has implemented functions

1.Teris Consensus

2.Transfer based on Teris consensus

3.Pow Consensus

4.Static full sharding

5.Transfer transaction in static full-sharding

Extended reading

Tetris Consensus Mechanism Paper Link:

Description of PoC-3 on Github:

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