YeeCo PoC-7 Postponed Release Due to the Spring Festival Holiday

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Dear YeeCo Community User, Hello. Due to the Spring Festival holiday, the public chain development work will be fine-tuned. The version of PoC-7 that was originally planned to be launched at the end of January will be postponed to February 14. The content of the version update will remain unchanged.

The core functions of the PoC-7 version are exposed in advance: first, the online version wallet will be officially launched to improve the user experience; second, token issuance is supported on layer1; third, smart contracts are supported on layer2. More version details will be officially released on February 14.

In the recently released PoC-6 version, YeeCo has officially launched the block chain explorer yeescan, users can browse and search for any blocks, transactions, accounts or events.

Yeescan site:

At the same time, I wish you a happy Spring Festival in advance.

YeeCo public chain development plan

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Features that YeeCo has realized

Tetris consensus Demo.

Transfer feature based on Tetis.

PoW consensus, static sharding.

Transfer feature in static sharding.

Multi-mining, cross-shard transactions.

CRFG final determinism, Dynamic sharding.

Cross chain transaction,

Block chain explorer yeescan.

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