YeeCo December 2019 Monthly Update

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Project Update

1.Strict block verification

Relay transaction repeat verification

2.YeeCo block chain explorer was provided, users can browse and search for any blocks, transactions, accounts or events.


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3.PoW difficulty adjustment, algorithm optimization

Improved algorithm performance.

4.Layer 2 branch

Provided YeeCo’s standard Layer 2 solution: Yeebranch.

Community Update

Community Construction

1.English community continues to be maintained, with a community size of nearly 6,000 members.

Community Activity

1.We continue pushed YeeCo project information, activated the community, and guide Vietnamese fans to understand the YeeCo project in depth.

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YeeCo Marketing

1.We cooperated with PoC-5 on-line for brand promotion and exposure in multiple media.

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