YeeCo Blockchain Technical WhitePaper V0.2 is released

Check out the upgraded YeeCo blockchain technical whitepaper and what’s new in the upgraded whitepaper.

YeeCo’s Vision

The upgraded whitepaper introduces YeeCo’s innovative industry-leading technology solutions, unique underlying technologies and rich application scenarios, and presents a more ambitious vision for the 5G era.

YeeCo strives to become a decentralized, high-performance Internet infrastructure that allows value to circulate freely in the Internet of all things that’s constructed through 5G.

The Core Features of YeeCo

  1. High performance: the basic performance is 50000 TPS (under the configuration of existing mainstream machines), and meanwhile, the scaling can be conducted according to the needs and millions of TPS can be realized by flexibly increasing the number of shardings;
  2. Decentralization: on the basis of high performance, the participation of the validators can be permissionless, and the participation threshold of the validators can be kept at a lower level, which makes the YeeCo network more decentralized;
  3. Highly flexible: using CRFG to enable Layer 1 to dock multiple cross-chain solutions at Layer 2 to make business construction more flexible;
  4. High security: inheriting the security features of PoW consensus such as high attack cost and the cover for validators, CRFG can further prevent forks and resist long-range attacks.
  5. Highly intelligent: the new-generation smart contracts can meet the application needs of new fields such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, smart city, smart transportation, smart healthcare, smart agriculture, and open finance.
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Overview of YeeCo Architecture
YeeCo Solution

Rich and Diversified Application Scenarios

  1. ABS + Global Clearing Network

The blockchain technology can change the underlying design of the financial system, enabling all market participants to have no differential records of asset ownership and transaction information, and to ensure the security of assets and the authenticity of the data. With its core features listed above, YeeCo can be the infrastructure for building a digital asset issuance + transaction + global clearing network.

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Digital Asset Trading Platform Architecture
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Digital Order Implementation Process

2. Cross-border Remittance

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3. 5G + Blockchain

The combination of YeeCo blockchain with artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and 5G technology is expected to promote the development of smart healthcare, smart transportation, smart cities, digital society, and asset tokenization.

Updated YeeCo Roadmap

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