YeeCo August 2019 Monthly Update

Project Update

1.P2P network
Foreign network module is developed for cross-sliced communication.

2.Consensus Module
End-of-block upgrade for parallel mining, CRFG and Balances module requirements.

3.Mining Ecology
Job template RPC completed, parallel mining logic completed a round of testing.

4.Final certainty
Completed the design and review, the program was determined.

The original transaction decoding in the balances module is completed and integrated into the balances module.

Community update

Community Construction

This month, we continued to expand the size of the Chinese community and the community partner team. We have now recruited 19 community partners, 10 new WeChat communities, and 3,950 new community members. The current community size has reached 6,550.

Community Activity

1.Hosted three community online sharing events, the beliefs of community users have been enhanced.
(1)Technical community online technology sharing & Q&A,the CEO of the YeeCo project shared the relevant technical content of PoC-3 for fans, and gave detailed answers to technical questions of interest to everyone.

(2)This week, YeeCo Official held two online exchange meetings in the YEE key user group and three core user groups. The YeeCo project CIO David disclosed the YEE currency address for the investors, disclosed the early fees of YeeFoundationd,shared YEE’s business model, explained YEE’s ecological layout and steps: sharp knife strategy, single breakthrough.

2.Hosted three community airdrop activities,Community users are actively involved.

(1)This week’s on-line Qixi Festival“Like,you have to fall in love with YEE chain” attracted enthusiastic participation from fans including other communities. The limited edition of YEE custom T-shirts has been fully recognized.

(2)This week, the YeeCo technical answering event was launched, and community users participated actively. More than 80 user-submitted answers have been received.

3.Hosted three online live broadcasts, attracting 7415 netizens to watch the

live broadcasts.

(1)YEE Global Bank Xi’an Station Live Online.

(2)Live broadcast of YeeCo participates in the “blockchain 3.0 era” event in Shenzhen.

(3)The first overseas Station of YeeCo Global Travel“YeeCo Meetup Vietnam 2019”live broadcast.

Community Construction

1.English community grows steadily, with a community size of nearly 8,000 members.

2.Vietnamese community continues to build,Vietnam telegram community has reached 1,813 people.The number of Vietnamese telegram channels reached 1,823.

Community Activity

1.The Vietnamese community hosted an online AMA, which was enthusiastically participated by Vietnamese users. YeeCo CIO David gave in-depth answers to 20 community questions collected before the event, and answered more than 10 questions from Vietnamese users on the live broadcast of the event, deepening the understanding and belief of Vietnamese community users on YEE.

2.YeeCo Global Travel Vietnam Station Meetup has warmed up in the Vietnamese community and broadcast live broadcasts of the event.

YeeCo Marketing

1.Update YeeCo’s official website: optimize interface design, mobile adaptation, add Chinese and English versions, update the introduction of public chain features, add YeeCo POCNET entries.

2.YeeCo co co-sponsored the DVP Anniversary Event “Block Chain Security Evolution” and a mysterious offline hackathon with white hats.

3.On August 25th, YeeCo Global Events — Xi’an Station was successfully held in the ancient capital of Xi’an.In the event, I met Xi’an blockchain practitioners and YEE holders. Everyone has made an open and honest discussion about the current status and future development of YeeCo. YeeCo’s technology innovation and commercial landing plan have been fully recognized and supported by the participating users, communities and media partners.

4.YeeCo was invited to participate in a series of events held by YOUChian on August 24th, 25th and 28th, respectively, and delivered a keynote speech entitled “Towards a Smarter Future” at the conference.

5.On August 31, YeeCo Meetup Vietnam 2019 was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.The conference shared the technical trends and business opportunities of the commercial application of the public chains.Southeast Asia BeeCast, CoinNess and other media released a number of news and articles reported YeeCo.Through this Meetup, YeeCo in-depth exchanges with Southeast Asian communities, media and investors, to prepare for the follow-up expansion and layout of international markets in Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States.

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