YeeCall x ABCC Campaign: Sign up to Get Double Rewards

Sign up now to get double rewards:

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YeeCall joins with ABCC to airdrop double rewards to YeeCall users.

Event time: 2018/8/1–2018/8/15

How to join:

1. The YeeCall users who sign up for ABCC exchange through the event page will get a random airdrop of 1–100 AT, which means you can get at least 1 AT airdrop and the luckiest ones can even get a 100AT airdrop.

2. Transfer at least 10USDT worth of coins to your ABCC account, and you can get another 100YEE+5AT reward.

3. The snapshot of the event participants’ ABCC accounts will be taken at 23:59:59 August 15. AT will be airdropped to qualified users’ ABCC account. )

4. Rewards will be distributed to the qualified users’ ABCC accounts within 5 days after the event ends.

5. The users whose malicious or cheating behaviors are detected will be disqualified from the rewards.

Click to sign up:

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