YeeCall has launched the OTC trading feature, users able to buy Bitcoin with VND now

In August, TechTalk made a report about YeeCall, the super entrance of blockchain, holding a came to a meetup with their local users in Ho Chi Minh city. At the meetup, the attendees showed their interest in the transfer contract feature of YeeCall’s built-in wallet. Recently, YeeCall announced that they have launched a upgraded version of that feature — OTC trading feature. With this feature, YeeCall users can buy Bitcoin with VND directly on the trading platform.

According to a YeeCall team member, cryptocurrency wallet will be one of the crucial features in YeeCall’s plan of becoming a one-stop digital asset management platform. The crypto wallet feature is also a basis on which YeeCall will bring cross-border remittance feature into being for their immigrant user group. In July, YeeCall launched the transfer contract feature which allows users to engage in VND/YEE trading. A great number of Vietnamese users have used the feature to buy YEE tokens.

With the growing interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, the Vietnamese users have a strong demand for a more convenient and efficient platform that allows them to buy or sell multi-cryptocurrencies. As an answer to their demand, YeeCall launched the OTC trading feature, which has the following advantages:

  1. Swift trading: support using USD and VND to buy BTC, BCH, ETH and YEE
  2. Platform assurance: the average users can trade with each other with 0% trading fee and the transaction is secured
  3. Trade facilitation: traders can not only post selling or buying ads on the platform but also post their ads in 50000-member groups to facilitate trading
  4. Profit maximization: traders can conveniently turn on or off the order-taking button while referring to the price chart within the YeeWallet so as to maximize the profit

To celebrate the launch of their OTC trading feature, YeeCall starts a referral program in the Vietnam market. The participants can earn 500YEE tokens with each referral when their referral entered YeeCall through their referral link and completed the buying or selling operation. Each participant can win up to 30000YEE during the program.

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YeeCall strives to be “the Super Entrance of Blockchain”. It has about 40 million global users, covering Southeast Asia, Europe, America, India, the Middle East, and other countries and regions. YeeCall aims to build a one-stop digital asset service platform through supergroup, digital wallet, DApp Store, and other features. At present, the IM-based super group feature is able to support 50,000 group members, and the built-in wallet supports BTC, BCH, ETH and a great deal of ERC20 tokens.

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