Yee x 3DChain: 300,000 3DB Airdrop to YeeWallet Users

Yee joins with 3DChain to airdrop 300,000 3DB to YeeWallet users

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Yee will take snapshots of YeeWallet users’ wallet account, and the users that meet the conditions will get 3DB airdrop.

The airdrop rules are as follows:

1. Snapshot time: 2018/04/27 08:00:00 (GMT+8)

2. The users should meet 2 conditions:

a. have activated YeeWallet

b. hold 500 or 500+ YEE in the YeeWallet

3. The users that meet the conditions will share 300,000 3DB according to the percentage of the total YEE held by the qualified users that your YEE accounts for. Eg., if the number of YEE in your YeeWallet accounts for 10% of the total YEE held by the qualified users, then you get 10% of 300,000 3DB.

What is snapshot?

Snapshot is a way of automatically recording the total asset in a YeeWallet account at a certain time, which means users don’t need to do anything.

What is 3DB?

3DB is the token issued by 3DChain. 3DChain is an industry chain developed based on blockchain technology, aiming to realize the efficient sharing of talents, data, and computing power within the global 3D industry. 3DChain team is a 3D community with tens of thousands of 3D designers, an annual turnover of over 100 million, and a market share of 15%. 3DChain is expected to be the first launched industry chain and influence tens of millions of designers worldwide and the global 3D industry.

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