YEE/USDT pair will be listed on Huobi Global

Market liquidity will be further enhanced

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On June 28, Huobi Global officially released the announcement of the new USDT trading pair recently listed, and YEE was among the first batch of projects. The listed of the YEE/USDT trading pair will further enhance the liquidity of YEE and meet the needs of users for diversified transactions.

The listing of the YEE/USDT pair comprehensively considered six core indicators, including the ranking of the amount of money held, the ranking of the number of effective holders of money, the ranking of the average daily trading volume in 30 days, the ranking of the average daily trading volume in 30 days, the situation of the online exchange, as well as the negative public opinion and serious risk problems during the assessment period.

After comprehensive evaluation by Huobi Global, it is determined that the YEE/USDT pair will be officially listed in the near future. Please wait for the official notice of Huobi Global station and yeeco for the specific listing time.

YeeCo insists on taking 5G as an opportunity and is committed to being a decentralized, high-performance infrastructure for he Internet of everything. Comprehensive use of full sharding+layered architecture, parallel mining mechanism, CRFG final deterministic solution to build an Internet of everything with superior performance.

At present, yeeco has successively completed Tetris consensus development, PoW consensus, static sharding, parallel mining, cross-shard transactions, smooth expansion (dynamic sharding), cross-chain transactions, smart contract (branch chain) development, and TestNet released, etc. Mainnet will be released soon, Please look forward to it!

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