YEE Twitter Airdrop Distribution Report

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On March 1st, we launched YEE token Twitter airdrop that has ended with a huge success on March 18th. We’ve received over 8k claims in total and have to spend more time than expected to verify all of the claims before distributing the rewards.

On April 2nd, we managed to present YEE Twitter airdrop winner list and finished the token distribution to the wallet addresses on the list.

Here you can check the excel file with all the addresses to which 50 YEE is already distributed

If your wallet address is on the list, please check your wallet to see whether you’ve received 50 YEE.

If your wallet address is not on the list, it is because you didn’t follow the instructions to join the airdrop. There are several reasons for you to refer to:

1. You didn’t follow us on Twitter.

2. You didn’t join our telegram group.

3. You didn’t retweet the pinned tweet and @ 3 friends.

4. You didn’t provide the right link of your retweet.

5. Your Twitter is private, so we can’t verify whether you’ve retweeted.

For reason 1,2,3, we have to say that we can’t distribute the rewards to you, because you didn’t follow the instructions, and it isn’t fair to other followers. If you believe you’ve followed the instructions before the airdrop ended, please contact us. We’ll verify them and reply to you as soon as possible.

For reason 4 and 5, we can help you deal with it as long as you show us the proof that you’ve completed the steps before the airdrop ended on 03/18/2018 23:59:59 PST.

Please contact the official care before 04/06/2018 23:59:59 PST at The email should include:

  1. Your Twitter handle
  2. Telegram username
  3. the link/screenshot of your retweet
  4. Your ETH wallet/YEE address

Thank you again for joining our Twitter airdrop and supporting us. Stay tuned for other airdrops.

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