YEE Token Airdrop ‘Invite Friends & Win YEE’

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To celebrate the launch of YeeWallet that is built in the latest versions of YeeCall, Yee holds another airdrop called ‘Invite Friends & Win YEE’ to thank Yee users’ support.

How to Play?

  1. Download the latest version of YeeCall

📲Download to experience the latest version of Yee application ‘YeeCall with YeeWallet integrated’:

Google Play:

iOS App Store:

2. Tap the ‘Get your first Bitcoin’ message to join the airdrop.

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Tap the ‘

3. Tap the ‘Share my link & Win Bitcoin’ button.

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Tap the button

4. Share the referral link to your friends through channels like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. and invite them to download and sign up with YeeCall (the friends you invited should be those who hasn’t downloaded and signed up with YeeCall). You’ll get 10YEE for each valid invitation, and get as much as 1,000 YEE which is about 1.5 milli-Bitcoins.

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5. Set your YeeWallet at YeeCall ‘Discover’ tab as the rewards will be distributed to your YeeWallet address.

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All done and you can just wait for the distribution of the rewards!

FAQ about ‘Invite Friends & Win YEE’

We encourage YeeCall users to invite friends into YeeCall. Regarding cheating and other behaviors that interfere other users’ normal use of YeeCall, we will take strict measures to ban or deal with them.

  • What is the ‘invite friends’ procedure?

Share the link to your friend; after your friend downloaded and signed up with YeeCall through the link you shared and registered at YeeCall, the ‘invite friends’ procedure is completed.

  • Is there a cap on the number of friends I invite?

There is no cap on this. However, one YeeCall user can get at most 1000YEE in this activity.

  • How to define a successful invitation?

After the invited friend registered at YeeCall, the invitation is recorded in our database and under review. After the activity ended, the verified invitation is confirmed as a successful invitation.

  • When does this activity end?

The first round of ‘Invite Friends to Win YEE’ will end on 4/15.

  • When will the rewards be distributed?

After the ‘Invite Friends to Win YEE’ activity ended, we’ll review the invitations. After the review is finished, we’ll distribute the rewards according to the number of valid invitations. We’ll take strict measures to deal with cheating behaviors and distribute the rewards after the citizen ID is verified.

  • How to check the received rewards?

It will take a certain amount of time before the tokens are credited into the account. We’ll distribute the rewards to your YeeWallet within 30 days after the event ended. By then, you can tap the discover tab, open YeeWallet, and tap YEE to check the transaction detail.

  • What will YEE be used for?

It will be the cryptocurrency circulating in the Yee ecosystem. In the future, it will be used in global transfers, instant messaging, content incentive and other application scenarios. YeeCall sincerely hope you can invite more friends into Yee ecosystem .

  • Can the friend that is successfully invited get rewards?

No, only the inviter can get the rewards.

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