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1. How to get the latest updates about Yee project?

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2. What is YEE and Yee project?

Yee is a blockchain-powered & cloud-based social ecosystem. Yee project includes 4 parts:
YeeChain: a blockchain supporting fast transaction and highly efficient storage
YeeNet: a cloud-based communication network based on YeeChain
• Typical applications: YeeCall, YeeWallet, Dapps(decentralized applications), and YeeStore
Yee ecosystem

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Yee is a blockchain-powered & cloud-based social ecosystem

YEE is the token issued by Yee. The total supply is 10,000,000,000 YEE. For more information about YEE, you can visit our page at Coin Market Cap

If you want to read our white paper to get more information, please contact us at

3. Who is developing Yee project?

Yee Founding Team

Founder & CEO, Zhang Lei:

Zhang Lei is an IT professional used to work at Huawei for 8 years and was the Director of Wireless Searching Team at Baidu. In 2010, he founded and was the CEO of Tapas Mobile (the first startup company invested by Innovation Works); In 2013, Tapas Mobile was merged by Baidu Mobile Security BG. He became the general manager of this business group. With Lei’s management, Tapas Mobile developed several excellent apps with several hundred million users, such as Baidu Mobile Security(with 200M domestic users), Du Battery Saver (with 200M overseas users), Du Speed Booster (with 100M overseas users). In 2015, Zhang Lei founded YeeCall and became the CEO of YeeCall, a free HD video calling and IM app that has 30 million users worldwide. He has been researching the blockchain technology since 2012 and is a pioneer in researching the blockchain technology and its application scenarios.

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Xu Jiajun:

Xu Jiajun got his Master’s degree in Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1997. After the graduation, he joined Huawei and later became Director of IT who was responsible for setting up IT infrastructure and operation tasks. with 10 years of work experience at Huawei, he later joined Baidu and worked as Director of System there. In 2015, he co-founded YeeCall with Zhang Lei. Now he is the chief scientist working on Yee blockchain project.

Chief Technology Officer, Jiang Zhouping

Jiang Zhouping has 18 years of coding experience and designed numerous TMT systems. He studied mathematics at Zhejiang University, and after graduated in 2000, he joined Huawei and later became Director of General Engineer Office. In 2008, he decided to leave Huawei and become an independent researcher to focus on his interest. For 7 years, he has been researching the core audio/video codec technologies used by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. and made some accomplishments in this field. In 2016, he decided to join YeeCall as a partner and started to research Deep Learning technology. He is also Chief Technology Officer of Yee project.

Chief Operating Officer, Ruan Long:

Ruan Long has 10 years of experience in product design, operation, and marketing. He was Chief product manager and Chief product designer of Baidu Mobile. Later he joined Tapas Mobile which is founded by Zhang Lei and worked as Product Director. After YeeCall is founded, he became Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for business development and marketing. With his extensive experience in operating, Ruan Long also plays a key role in the development of Yee project.

Chief Blockchain Architect, Deng Minhao:

Deng Minhao, YeeCall partner and Technical Director, is an expert on data center building, the construction and optimization of global P2P networks, base communication protocols and distributed consensus protocols. Majored in computer engineering at Tongji University, he joined Baibu after the graduation and was in charge of the server of Baidu Mobile. Two years later, Deng Minhao joined Tapas Mobile and worked as server manager, responsible for Tapas Mobile applications’ back-end service, big data process and analysis, as well as the operating system. He joined YeeCall when it is founded and became a partner.

Yee Team

Yee team has extensive technical experience in the telecommunication, AI, and blockchain fields. All of the team members are from leading tech enterprises. With more than 10 years of experience in the telecommunication field, the team has successfully developed and operated 3 mobile apps with over 100 million users worldwide, and they are DU Battery Saver (200 million users), DU Speed Booster (100 million users), and Baidu Mobile security (200 million users). Over the past 3 years, the team has been studying AI and the blockchain technology and is ready to contribute what they have to Yee project.

4. What are the major highlights of Yee project?

Yee is invested by world’s top venture capitals and partnered with YeeCall and other big enterprises to build an ecosystem with 1 billion users worldwide. The highlights of Yee project are as follows:

10+ World’s Top Venture Capitals
Invested by Sinovation Ventures, ZhenFund, Vision Plus Capital, Longling Capital, Hcash Founder, Node Capital, and other top venture capitals.

Next Generation WeChat Powered by Blockchain
Next Generation IM (instant messaging) app — YeeCall powered by YeeNet, an efficient distributed cloud-based communication system based on Ethereum, which supports communication fully authenticated and encrypted. In the near future, YeeCall will provide friction-free commerce and smart contracts and more.

Platform with 30 million+ Users Worldwide
YeeCall has more than 30 million registered users and is one of the most popular IM apps in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, India, and the Middle East.

Communication Network With Global Coverage
YeeCall already built a network covering 277 countries worldwide, 1000 operators’ networks and has 5 data centers with 400+ connecting nodes. 70% data transmit efficiently through P2P. YeeCall is already working on IoT compatibility.

Ecosystem With 1 Billion Users
Currently, more than 10 of our partners have more than 100 million users worldwide. YeeCall also welcome collaboration with relevant companies.

Strong Technological Capability
Team members are from leading internet companies with strong technological capability and extensive community management experience. Over the past 10 years, the team has been applying their expertise in the telecommunication field to solve real-world problems. For the past three years, team members have built more than 3 super apps with over 100 million users worldwide, such as DU Battery Saver (200 million), DU Speed Booster (100 million), and Baidu Mobile Security (200 million).

5. What is your roadmap? And what is the current status of Yee development?

2017 Q1: Yee project concept research and feasibility analysis
2017 Q2: Built a partnership with YeeCall and discussed the possible implementation and technical feasibility
2017 Q3: Launched YeeLab, focusing on researching how to apply AI, blockchain technology etc. to real-world scenarios; Yee core team built
2017 Q4: Finished Token sale
2018 Q1: Integrate Yee Wallet in YeeCall
2018 Q2: Use YEE token in YeeCall app, such as sending red packets, instant token transfer etc.
2018 Q3: Launch Yee Rewards Engine, implementing community incentive program
2018 Q4: Enable YEE token real-time global transfer in certain testing locations allocating worldwide
2019 Q1: Launch YeeChain alpha version

Current Status
Now, Yee team is working on integrating YeeWallet into YeeCall. YeeWallet will be available on YeeCall by the end of March. With YeeCall’s user group, YeeWallet and YEE, YeeCall will build a decentralized mobile infrastructure to facilitate users’ work and life, and promote the development of a digital economy.

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6. Can the YEE Tokens be used in Yee ecosystem?

YEE is an ERC20 token and it can be stored in any ERC20 compatible wallets. It will be the cryptocurrency circulating in the Yee ecosystem. Users can accomplish certain tasks to get YEEs on Yee ecosystem’s platform (for example, YeeCall). In the future, users can also make global transfers with YEE token through YeeWallet. Yee will also collaborate with a variety of partners, and users can consume YEE on the applications of our partners, eventually making YEE a widely used currency.

7. What is the YEE token distribution plan?

The total supply is 10,000,000,000 YEE. The distribution plan is as follows:

20% of the total amount of YEE tokens are for pre-sale. Specificly, they will be used for future development, talent recruitment, marketing.

30% of the total amount of YEE tokens will be used for Yee ecological incentive plan. Users can be rewarded for certain behaviors on Yee ecology platform (such as YeeCall) or WhatsApp, Line, WeChat. This portion of funds will be released in 8 years, at a rate of 4% each year for the first 4 years and 2.5% each year for the last 4 years.

25% of the total amount of YEE tokens will be distributed to Yee Foundation. They will be used for the research and development of YeeChain and YeeNet, as well as the ecology construction.

10% of the total amount of YEE tokens will be distributed to Yee partners to reward them and establish business cooperation with relevant enterprises.

15% of the total amount of YEE tokens will be distributed to Yee founding team.

8. Where could I buy/sell YEE tokens?

YEE is now listed on and You can trade YEE on these two exchanges. More exchanges are coming… to be updated…

9. How can I meet with Yee team members?

We’re planning to hold offsite meetups worldwide. If you want to meet with Yee team members and talk about the Yee project, please let us know where you locate and we’ll hold a meetup there to talk with you in person. We have already held the first Yee community meetup in Beijing on March 11. The core team of Yee project went to the meetup and shared the development and progress of Yee project. We are looking forward to meeting you soon.

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