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Hey all.

2019 has been a great year for YEE Project as we are approaching the release date of our test net. Thanks to the continuous hard work of the team, we kept making progress in the past months. Our Tetris consensus algorithm, P2P network, and DHT network finished and proved to be working fantastically during private tests. In the past a few weeks we have been working on joint testing of Tetris, P2P network and DHT network, things were going well until we started to come across with issues which consume unexpected long time to solve and it definitely affected our schedule of test net release.

We regret to announce that YEE test net will not be released on time (2019Q2). And we are working around the close to release it at the end of April. We ask for your forgiveness and appreciate your support all along. We promise to deliver our best to avoid it affecting the release time of YEE main net (estimated release time:2019Q4).

We are truly sorry and thank you for your understanding.

YEE test net named after Claudius Ptolemaeus

YEE is so proud to announce that YEE test net V1.0 will be named after the great Greco-Roman mathematician, astronomer, geographer, and astrologer Claudius Ptolemaeus. Ptolemaeus’s "Ptolemaic system" became the law of human cognition of the universe in the last millennium.

YEE proudly announces that YEE Ptolemaeus V1.0 is coming soon.

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YEE hopes that YEE test net can become the first step YEE cognitive blockchain world, and will gradually evolve and self-transcending, eventually becoming the solution to the new generation of the decentralized Internet.

More info about Claudius Ptolemaeus .

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See you next week!

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