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Project Update

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YEE Chain team testing YEE test net

There are 50 commits made by YEE devs on GitHub and good news is that YEE test net has been deployed online and the joint debugging is finished this week. Over 30 versions has been updated and uploaded during the joint debugging.

The main problem that the devs ran into is the data transfer problem caused by the difference between the experimental network environment and the online network environment. There is a small problem in terms of speed coordination between the test robot and the p2p network. High-frequency transactions is a little bit disordered, which affects the operation of the robot. The newly detected problems have been located within one day and solved one by one. As of this Friday, the problems have all been solved.

You can visit GitHub to learn more about the updates of YEE Chain: https://github.com/yeeco/gyee.

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