Jan 12, 2019 — Jan 18, 2019

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Happy Monday, all!

YEE had a very productive last week finalizing things for our test net release, adding commits to our GitHub project, and also expanding our market to Korea, one of the most active cryptocurrency markets in the world.

Here are the high lights of week 4 2019:

YEE will be on ChainPlus Summit 2019

On January 23, Sam, CTO of YEE project, will represent YEE and introduce our revolutionary public blockchain YEECO at the ChainPlus Summit 2019,one of the biggest blockchain summits in Korea held by ChainPlus.One, in Seoul, South Korea. Sam’s presentation will share YEE’s insight of a new generation decentralized Internet to the blockchain industry.

Meanwhile, Sam is also invited to an exclusive interview with MTN, one of Korea’s biggest private blockchain TV channels, to discuss decentralized Internet concept and YEE’s technology and approaches. Sam aims to let the Korea market to know more about YEE’s vision and also invite more developers to join our community.

Check more information about this summit from newsbtc、BitcoinGarden、cryptoverze:



YEE will take this opportunity to expand our vision and allow more people to get involved with YEE project.

YEECO development

Our lovely developers added 75 GitHub commits last week and according to TokenInsights, we are ranked 7th, which is the new high ranking for us. We never stop chasing for the better.

Here are our top developments:

  • Tetris consensus algorithm: the rotation logic of the verification node is completed.
  • Core: on-chain Storage complete
  • P2P Network: Tests undergoing and bug fix

Check out more and follow us on Github: Here

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To know more about YEE project:

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

See you next week!

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A decentralized, high-performance infrastructure for the Internet of everything in 5G era 🔗Site: yeeco.io, Twitter: @YeeCoOfficial, Telegram: @yeeofficialgroup

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