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As 2018 approaching to an end, YEE team is working around the clock to make sure we deliver more in this snowy weather.

This week’s highlights

  • New Episode of ‘Sam Talk’
  • YEE attends Huobi Global Open Day Meet Up
  • RawPool and YEE Discussion on Mining and Public Chain Designing
  • New Github Commits

This week, YEE team and @Rawpool team conducted in-depth exchanges on mining cooperation. @RawPool, the number one computing force in the BCH mining pool, introduced the complete mining ecology to YEE from four aspects: mining machine, mine, miner and mining pool. RawPool believes that mining is a part of the complete ecological chain and should be considered at the beginning of the public chain design.

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On November 13th, YEE was invited to Huobi Open Day Meet Up. In the winter of cryptocurrency, Huobi invited top projects to discuss the future of the blockchain technology. Huobi executives said that the blockchain is still in its infancy and will inevitably experience twists and turns and all projects can work together to promote the development of the blockchain industry. At the meeting, YEE also introduced the newly released white paper and our new Tetris consensus algorithm to all projects.

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Our new episode of ‘Sam Talk’ is here. In this episode,Sam talked about YEECO’s innovative construction and expanding YEE’S global community. It is now available on #Youtube.

Watch it here.

YEECO, our public chain, development is progressing steadily and orderly. This week, 13 commits have been updated. Go to GitHub to see our latest updates (or better, become a contributor =)) :

Portal to Github

  1. On December 16, Sam will represent YEE at the 2018 GBDC Global Blockchain Developer Conference in Hong Kong.
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2. On December 16,@Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, co-founder of bloXroute, will visit YEE and discuss Tetris consensus algorithm with our chief scientist Xu.

Stay tuned all.

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See you next week!

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