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According to the current development of YEE test net, the launch of YEE test net will be postponed to May. The exact launch date will be announced first in the YEE community: https://t.me/yeeofficialgroup

1. Project Update

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There are 8 commits made by YEE devs on GitHub this week. As the CDHT solution adopted by YEE chain is more compatible with its unique consensus mechanism Tetris and is more complicated and challenging at well, it unexpectedly takes the team more time to solve the arisen problems in April. The devs have located and solved some of the problems this week. YEE test net is supposed to officially meet the world in May. You can visit GitHub to learn more about the updates of YEE Chain: https://github.com/yeeco/gyee.

2. Community Construction

YEE Chain team sincerely invites our community members to participate in the feature testing of YEE test net and experience the whole process of P2P on-chain trading. YEE Chain team will take some funds out from the genesis block to reward the participants. Join our official community to learn more about how to participate: https://t.me/yeeofficialgroup.

3. Community Event

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YEE Chain team was invited and attended Singapore Blockchain Life 2019 summit on April 23 and 24. At the summit, YEE Chain team met and established contacts with blockchain teams from Russia, Europe, Korea, etc., and was inspired to come up with some new ideas during the discussion with them. YEE Chain team also introduced YEE project to the attendees from Singapore and Southeast Asia. In the near future, YEE team will continue to establish contact with overseas communities in order to expand the international influence of YEE project.

4. Technical Exchange

On April 23, Cryptape came to visit YEE Chain team. The two teams discussed the Layer2 solution and seek to work together in community construction and technical exchange.

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