Jan 05, 2019 — Jan 11, 2019

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Good day all!

YEE team is glad to share that we have been picking up our pace on the development of YEECO public chain recently. And to allow more people to see our progress better, We would like to change our weekly update time from Friday to Monday so we could include more of our progress during the weekends.

In the previous months, we collected many feedback and suggestions to Tetris, and our core developers started to adjust certain details in our algorithm. Exploring the limits of Tetris will always be one of our goals.

Another thing worth mentioning is that we tuned the peer connection policy to make it more efficient. And after a long time of consideration, our developers determined the storage solution at last.

Highlights this Week

YEE made it to top 8 in Tokeninsight ranking

Thanks to the unremitting efforts of our developers, according to the TokenInsight index, the number of code submissions ofYEE has risen to the 8th in 7 days, and the number of code submissions in the 30th is ranked 12th. This week YEE updated a total of 43 commits.

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YEE and Banko Wallet launch YEE Token lock-up plan II

On January 11th, YEE and Banko launched the second YEE Token lock-up plan, The second phase of lock-up plan is divided into two categories. YEE token holders can choose to lock the tokens for 90 days to obtain a 15% lock-up return or lock them for 180 days to obtain a 17% lock-up return. The 180-day quota has been sold for more than half 10 minutes after release.

YEECO white paper (Russian) will be released soon

YEE will launch the Russian version of the white paper next week so that more Russian developers can know and contribute YEE public chain. At present, the Russian version of the white paper is about to be verified and will be officially released next week.

BitRock becomes an official partner of YEE

This week, BitRock announced $4 million in financing. BitRock is headquartered in Singapore and aims to provide blockchain full chain financial technology services through the "iron triangle" of wallet + mining pool + quantitative fund, to solve the problem of new users entering the market, applications difficult to land, and to promote the development of blockchain industry. YEE will use BitRock's experience in blockchain to attract mining pools, mines, miners, and DApp developers to join the YEE public chain to accelerate the development of the YEE ecosystem.

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See you next week!

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