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1. Project Update

This week, YeeCo devs edited the codes relating to Tetris transaction feature in order to be prepared for the second round of beta test.

YeeCo Testnet beta test report came out and the beta test data is as follows:

Operation duration: May 23rd 18:00 — June 3rd 15:30, 15690 minutes in total (about 261.5 hours)

Block height: 261692

Average block interval: 3.59s

Data size of all on-chain blocks: 30672MB, average block size: 120KB

Total transactions: 77838777 Tx, 297.45 Tx/block on average, 82.68 Tx/s on average.

In addition to the report compiled by YeeCo team, the beta test volunteers also produced their own beta test reports and shared them with the community. YeeCo team would like to thank for their efforts again.

2. Technical Articles

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To let the community have a grasp of the current development of the blockchain technology and what would YeeCo contribute as well as what the uniqueness of YeeCo is, from now on, YeeCo team will present technical articles in a vivid and easy-to-understand language. Hope it is useful and beneficial to you guys and you can understand what YeeCo team is doing.

The first article is about YeeCo team’s technical analysis of PoW consensus and the team’s thoughts on the future of PoW consensus, the challenges for PoW consensus to introduce finality, and YeeCo’s solution.

Full article in English: https://medium.com/@yeefoundation/the-finality-design-of-blockchain-consensus-mechanism-4b5221d55627

Full article in Chinese: https://github.com/yeeco/wiki/blob/master/articles/design_of_finality_in_blockchain_consensus.md

3. YeeCo Ecology

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Rawpool is invited to attend 2019 Asia Blockchain Consensus Summit as the ecological partner of True Chain on June 1st. At the panel, Rawpool CEO David introduced their exploration in PoW industry and the cooperation with True Chain to build a better blockchain ecology.

“In the future, Rawpool will support TrueChain for mining. We will release TrueChain Pool and miner in a short period, and provide some solutions and tools for big hashrate holders to join mining TrueChain. That will make TrueChain much stronger and more decentralized.

So if you want to mine TRUE, come to Rawpool. ”

4. YeeCo Marketing

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YeeCo is invited to attend OKEx Vietnam Cooperation Summit 2019 on June 16.

About the summit:

OKEx will hold the “OKEx Vietnam Cooperation Summit 2019” in Vietnam on June 16 (UTC+7). OKEx will jointly make this meeting a success with its Chief Summit Partner — Ontology, Chief Global Promotion Partners — TRON, Capital Partner — Genesis Capital, leading blockchain projects — Qtum, HPB, Contentos, Blockcloud, Truechain, ST Foundation, Coinall, Cocos-bcx, Yeeco, Befull, HKDT, Kardiachain, Moviebloc, LTC, Tabtrader, ETC, as well as the top crypto media partners — CoinMarketCap, TradingView and Cointelegraph. OKEx is expected to create win-win cooperation partnerships with all the stakeholders and jointly explore the South East Asia market.

Sign up for the event now:


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See you next week!

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