Jan 19, 2019 — Jan 25, 2019

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YEE & BCS Chain+

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YEE attends BCS Chain+ 2019 in Seoul

On January 23, 2019, YEECO, the new generation decentralized Internet infrastructure, attended the Chain Plus Blockchain Summit in Seoul and Sam, CTO of YEE project, shared YEE’s insight of a new generation decentralized Internet to the blockchain industry.

Sam’s speech in BCS Chain+

In the speach, Sam introduced that YEECO is mainly composed of three main core parts: the revolutionary blockchain platform Tetris, the efficient high-throughput P2P network YeeNet and the Coded Distributed Hash Table(CDHT) network. The new generation of distributed internet logically can be represented as a decentralized cloud computing platform consisting of numerous YEECO blockchain platforms, which can be dynamically expanded by continuously expanding of the YEECO blockchain platform and subnetting. The YEECO blockchain platform is mainly composed of three types of nodes, authentication nodes, application nodes, and storage nodes. The authentication nodes are responsible for reaching consensus on the network transactions, the application nodes run the next generation decentralized applications, and the storage nodes are used to store all transaction data.

Sam’s speech and YEE’s vision received warm applause and feedback from many attendees, including one of the top Korean private media MTN. After a deep conversation, MTN asked Sam for a special interview about YEECO.

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Sam interviewed by MTN, top blockchain media in Korean

In the interview, Sam talked about YEECO’s insight into next-generation Internet infrastructure, YEECO’s revolutionary structure design and plans for the Korean market in 2019.

On January 24th, YEE announced that the 1 billion YEE for returning partners in the original distribution plan will be locked for another year.

Contract addresses:
0xcbc3b1cabf72cc1fcbea49ea443cfd2321d3f585 0x26736dbd71a7d8be87537d9a6c64882171a6b539

After the lockout, according to the plan of the white paper, the share of this part will start being unlocked as early as 2020, 5% every quarter and will be unlocked in 20 quarters.

New GitHub Commits

This week, our developers added 22 new commits to our project at GitHub.

  • Tetris: Validator exception state recovery
  • Core: Chain storage development
  • P2P Network: Debugging

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