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1. Project Update

There are 26 commits made by YEE devs on GitHub this week. Devs are still working on joint debugging and they’ve developed and are testing the tools for test net beta test. The tools will soon be applied by our community’s beta test volunteers. You can visit GitHub to learn more about the updates of YEE Chain: https://github.com/yeeco/gyee.

2. Community Construction

After strict selection, YEE Chain team announced the list of 10 beta test volunteers. Congrats to the 10 YEE fans on being selected as the first ones to experience the beta test. If you’ve applied and not got selected, don’t feel sad. You’ll get more opportunities to participate in the community activities later on.

YEE Chain will hold the first “Coding Day” event on Sunday. The event theme is “A guide to developing small blockchain games”, which means in the event, there will be blockchain developers teach you how to develop your own blockchain games. If you’re interested, welcome to join us!

3. Blockchain Event

YEE Chain is confirmed to attend the two-day CoinGeek Conference Toronto at the end of May. The conference starts on May 29, which is “Developers Day” workshop for Bitcoin application developers. May 30 is the main conference, including high-caliber speeches and panel discussions which are the hallmark of CoinGeek events. Special features include finalist presentations for the Bitcoin Association’s first BSV Hackathon, and a special intimate conversation with nChain Chief Scientist Dr. Craig S. Wright about the beginnings of Bitcoin. For more info and how to register, please click and check out: https://coingeek.com/conferences/toronto-conference/

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