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Time flies! We’re literally coming to the last month of 2018. We’re so grateful to YEE fans who are always here to show their support and join us to make some changes together. Thank you so much!

We also have some great news about the project progress to share with you guys.

YEE Public Chain TPS Broke the Record, Reaching 33,768

On Nov 29, YEE public chain team and a mathematics doctor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences doctors studied the innovative consensus algorithm Tetris together. The expert spoke highly of Tetris and also gave the team some optimization suggestions. After the recent improvement at the engineering level, when simulating 10 nodes with a 2.6G CPU, YEE public chain TPS broke the record, reaching 33,768, more than three times the previous test record.

YEE team pointed out that the TPS of the Tetris consensus algorithm is related to machine performance. The next move will be adapting the Tetris consensus algorithm to the mainstream mining machines in order to further test the throughput of Tetris. We hope to work with universities and research institutes to further optimize the Tetris consensus algorithm.

Tetris TPS Challenge: Win 5,000 YEE Tokens

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To celebrate the big breakthrough with YEE fans, we invite you to join Tetris TPS challenge. By running Tetris algorithm demo on your mac, and you can see the TPS result on your own computer. The lucky one with the highest TPS wins 5,000 YEE tokens!

How to play:

1 Follow YEE on twitter:
2 Download Tetris algorithm demo and run it on your Mac.
(See how to? )
3 Reply to tweet with your TPS score screenshot
4 The highest TPS in 24 hours gets 5,000 YEE

Wish you’re the lucky dog!

By the way, YEECO team contributed 19 commits at GitHub. If you’re a geek and interested in YEECO, welcome to join the team!

Check out the commits here:

YEE & Taipei 2018

YEE loves Taipei!

On Nov 26, YEE co-hosted a meetup with Banko Wallet and Contentos Blockchain in Taipei and our chief speaker, Sam, had a great productive night sharing YEE’s insights of next-generation decentralized internet, as well as our latest project updates. We are so excited that our community scale is keeping expanding and would love to share our vision with more.

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On the next day, Sam was invited to, as a blockchain specialist, attend a trending blockchain quiz show, ( in Chinese), presented by Contentos Blockchain, Yahoo! TV, Team LiveMe and Cheez. In the show, Sam talked about why and how the blockchain technology is going to be a total game-changer for everything in our world and what YEE can offer in the new era of blockchain technology.

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Technology Exchange

On Nov 27, YEE’s core developers had a live technology exchange session with Ontology tech team. The coders had a blast discussing Tetris algorithm and how two teams can further work together.

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On Nov 28, we were invited to attend WISE 2018 hosted by 36kr in Beijing. YEE shared how the cutting edge blockchain technology can bring to our world and YEE’s insights about the next generation decentralized internet.

YeeCall for Web

YeeCall for Web is now subjected to beta testing and will be ready for release soon. Stay tuned!

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