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Dec 29, 2018 — Jan 04, 2019

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Happy New Year all!

We are so happy to have you all with us in 2019! 2019 is going to be one of the most crucial years for our project because we are planning to launch our test-net (2019Q1)as well as our fully functional main-net(2019Q2/3). The team has been and certainly will continue working hard to make sure we deliver top-class products for our community, as well as for the whole blockchain industry.

Highlights This Week

YEE’s Partner YeeCall Web Version is Recruiting Beta Test Users

The development of YeeCall for Web has been going well and we are very proud that YeeCall is planning for its release soon. To gather more insights and make sure it works smoothly, YeeCall is recruiting 20 test users for its Web version. To participant and win a chance for candy airdrop in YeeCall. Click the link below and sign up.

Sign up here

YEE’s Partner Banko Wallet Launches YEE Lock-up Plan

Banko Wallet Launched YEE Lock-up Plan last week and it was instantly sold out. Thank you all for the enthusiasm and support. And more lock-up plans are on their way in case you missed this one. Stay tuned.

YEE Project White Paper in Russian

YEE takes our globalization very seriously and would love to let more people who're interested in building/enjoying a better, decentralized internet know about our project. Russia is another very important market for YEE. That’s why we are working around the clock preparing our white paper in Russian. Thanks to the hard working of our diverse team, we are very happy that the translation is coming to complete and YEE project white paper in Russia is going to be released soon after some final polishing.

New Github Commits

Regardless of the holidays, our lovely coders continue contributing new solid commits into our project in Github. This week we have 46 new commits, to check them out, click here.

Happy New Year everyone again and have a great start to 2019!

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See you next week!

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