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1. YEECO White Paper and Tetris Consensus Algorithm Paper Were Officially Released

The white paper of YEECO, YEE’s public chain, and the paper on Tetris, the consensus algorithm adopted by YEECO, have been officially released on the evening of November 16 and widely discussed in the blockchain community since then.

YEECO is one of the only two public chains in the world that were proved by mathematical theory. It adopts the new Tetris consensus algorithm and the TPS exceeds 10,000, which is 500 times that of Ethereum. It breaks the bottleneck that the blockchain cannot be applied on a large scale due to the scalability problem. YEECO can do large-scale commercial transaction calculations and is suitable for a variety of use cases, which means it carries high commercial value.

Meanwhile, YEECO’s security design is fully enhanced. Tetris consensus algorithm ensures transaction security; CDHT ensures data security; built-in anti-quantum technology tackles future quantum threats; sentinel nodes ensures the security of verification nodes. The YEECO testnet will be launched in the first quarter of 2019, and the mainnet is supposed to be launched in the third quarter of 2019

View YEECO Technical White Paper

View Tetris Consensus Algorithm Paper

2. Tetris Consensus Algorithm Paper Was Officially Published by arXiv

YEECO team’s academic paper on the consensus algorithm Tetris was reviewed and officially published by arXiv on November 22. arXiv is an influential repository that consists of scientific papers in the fields of mathematics, physics, computer science, quantitative biology and more. The paper proved YEECO consensus algorithm Tetris in detail from the mathematical perspective. Yee team will take this opportunity to invite leading global scientists to discuss the consensus algorithm Tetris.

By the way, our diligent YEECO developers keep contributing commits at Github. Check it out: https://github.com/yeeco/gyee

3. Huobi Did A YEE Project Sharing Live Stream on Huobi Chat

On Tuesday, Huobi did a YEE project sharing live stream on Huobi Chat. YEE project head of marketing was invited to share the latest updates of YEE project and discussed why YEE is the solution to the next generation decentralized internet.

4. YEE Official Speaker Uncle Sam Is Visiting Taipei to Attend A Blockchain TV Show and The Meet Up Co-hosted by YEE

Uncle Sam is about to depart for Taipei to attend the meet up co-hosted by YEE and our partners Banko Wallet, a professional digital wallet, and Contentos, a global content ecology. There will be blockchain big figures sharing the most cutting-edge blockchain technical knowledge and a cool digital asset wallet display.

On the next day, Sam will attend the broadcast program “Crypto Golden Minds” and serve as a guest expert to answer questions and share relevant blockchain knowledge. “Crypto Golden Minds” is launched by Yahoo TV and Contentos, and is the world’s first live webcast with the theme of “blockchain technology popularization”. It is quite popular worldwide with each live broadcast receiving over 1 million views.

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