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  1. Project Update

YEECO Testnet beta version v0.5 was officially launched and is under beta test in YEE community. The P2P network, DHT network, verification node deployment, address generation, transfer and other feature are tested and examined by the community volunteers.

YEECO team has received detailed feedbacks from the beta test volunteers and will present a beta test report next week. YEECO Testnet will be further upgraded and optimized based on the feedbacks. After the upgrade, the team will carry out another round of beta test activity.

So far, YEECO Testnet has been running for 11420 minutes, the block height is 123182, and the block generation takes about 5.56s on average. There are over 1,000 test addresses participating in the beta test.

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YEECO team would like to thank all of the community volunteers for their effort and special thanks to several volunteers who compiled a tutorial for Windows computers to guide other community members to join YEECO beta test.

2. Community Event

YEECO team was invited to join the CoinGeek Toronto Conference this week. The technical theme of the conference is blockchain scaling and business application solutions. At the conference, YEECO team met a number of blockchain developer teams and discussed the application of public chains in businesses at a large scale. Meanwhile, the teams are excited to establish long-term exchange and cooperation with each other.

On June 1st, YEECO team is invited to attend Vietnam 2019 Asia Blockchain Consensus Summit and join a panel talk as a guest.

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See you next week!

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