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YEE test net is still in the process of joint testing this week. The team is working around the clock to fix the bugs that they come across during the merge of codes that are done by different coders. We’ll announce the launch date of YEE test net after the joint testing is done completely. Please follow us closely and stay tuned.

1. Project Update

There are 10 commits made by YEE devs on GitHub this week, which are mainly for fixing the bugs that arise from the merge of codes and to ensure the normal operation of YEE test net. Please visit GitHub to learn more:

2. YEE Test Net Developer Recruitment

We’ve received many applications since we announced the YEE test net developer recruitment program. We’ll invite the volunteers to join the testing after the test net is ready and these volunteers will be the early members of the YEE Chain developer community. If you excel in go or C/C++, you’re welcome to join us by sending your CV to

3. Community Building

Exploring the global market and building developer community has always been a top priority of YEE project. With the help of Node Capital, YEE team met with the Startup Salad community and will get in touch with more developer communities, in an effort to expand the YEE developer community.

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See you next week!

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