Yee Project Weekly Update 2018/08/11–2018/08/17

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Yee Project

YeeWallet: new version will be available soon

Yee Application YeeCall: new versions are available

2. Support group ban

3. Bug fixes

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According to the current test data, 50 nodes can synchronize state machine data in seconds, and TPS reaches over 10,000. The virtual machine module of the smart contract part has been designed and entered the encoding phase, and the slice storage network ESDHT enters the late stage of encoding. The developers of the development platform DAPPStore has completed the prototype verification of the program running environment.

Yee Community

YeeCall x ABCC Campaign has ended and the rewards will be distributed soon

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YeeCall x ABCC Campaign has ended on August 15th. The qualified YeeCall users who signed up for ABCC exchange through the event page will get a random airdrop of 1–100 AT and get another 100YEE+5AT reward if the user transferred at least 10USDT worth of coins to his/her ABCC account. The rewards will be distributed to the qualified YeeCall users’ ABCC accounts within 5 days after the end of the campaign. Stay tuned for upcoming events!

Yee News

YeeCall was invited to attend “IEEE HOTICN 2018 Blockchain Technology and Application Forum”

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On August 14th, YeeCall was invited to participate in the “IEEE HOTICN 2018 Blockchain Technology and Application Forum”. YeeCall CTO Jiang Zhouping attended on behalf of the YeeCall team and delivered a keynote speech.

YeeCall CTO Jiang Zhouping believes that blockchain technology is creating a value Internet. At the application level, YeeCall hopes to become the super entry of the blockchain through its super group that can host 50,000 members and newbie-friendly crypto wallet. At the technical level, YeeCall is building a new Tetris consensus mechanism and gradually realizing the layout of “private chain — alliance chain — public chain”.

Jiang Zhouping also participated in the roundtable forum and analyzed the blockchain technology and application in the coming year. The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s largest non-profit professional organization for the advancement of technology. It has more than 400,000 members in more than 160 countries. To date, IEEE has developed more than 900 industry standards in space, computing, telecommunications, biomedical, power and consumer electronics.

Yee and IBM Hyperledger held a meeting to discuss the development of alliance chain

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On August 17, IBM technical experts and the head of the Hyperledger community visited the Yee Shenzhen R&D Center to discuss blockchain, alliance chain development and community building. Yee team said that at the end of September Yee public chain will build a developer community for the developers to build the YEE public chain together, and will contribute code to the Hyperledger developer community to jointly promote the development of blockchain technology. At the same time, Yee team invited Hyperledger to build a developer community at YeeCall.

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