Yee Project Weekly Update 2018/07/29–2018/08/03

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Yee Project

YeeWallet: deposit with 0-conf transaction feature will be available this week; 5 more popular coins are listed on YeeWallet

5 more popular coins are selected to be listed on YeeWallet. YeeWallet aims to be a crypto wallet that supports all of the popular coins. More popular coins will be added to YeeWallet.

Yee Community

YeeCall x ABCC Campaign: Sign up to Get Double Rewards

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YeeCall joins with ABCC to airdrop double rewards to YeeCall users.

Event time: 2018/8/1–2018/8/15

Sign up now:

How to join:

1. The YeeCall users who sign up for ABCC exchange through the event pagewill get a random airdrop of 1–100 AT, which means you can get at least 1 AT airdrop and the luckiest ones can even get a 100AT airdrop.

2. Transfer at least 10USDT worth of coins to your ABCC account, and you canget another 100YEE+5AT reward.

3. The snapshot of the event participants’ ABCC accounts will be taken at 23:59:59 August 15. AT will be airdropped to qualified users’ ABCC account. )

4. Rewards will be distributed to the qualified users’ ABCC accounts within 5 days after the event ends.

5. The users whose malicious or cheating behaviors are detected will be disqualified from the rewards.

Click to sign up:

Yee News

Yee application YeeCall is nominated for “2018 Chinese Excellent Technology Innovation Award”

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the invitation from the Chinese Scientists Forum

YeeCall team’s innovation, a method and device for quickly calibrating video region of interest, is recommended by Chinese Scientists Forum and is nominated for “2018 Chinese Excellent Technology Innovation Award”. The Chinese Scientists Forum was founded by the famous scientist, former vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and Chairman of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, Zhou Guangzhao.

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