Yee Project Weekly Update 2018/06/16–2018/06/22

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Yee Project

YeeWallet: contracting transfer feature is under optimizing

Yee Application YeeCall: the new feature of ‘group discovery’ is under developing

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Yee Community

YEE World Cup Guess Game: Compete with global players & win multiple shares of rewards

  1. World Cup Champion Guess

Game time: 2018.6.02–2018.6.18 23:00 (UTC+8)

Consume 30YEE to predict the champion of 2018 World Cup. The winners can share 100,000 YEE + all bet amount of this guess game. This game has ended.

2. Match Winner Guess

Game time: 2018.6.14–2018.7.15 (UTC+8)

Consume 10YEE to predict the result of one match. The winners can share all bet amount of this match. There are 64 matches in total, which means you can enjoy this guess game until the end of the World Cup.

3. World Cup Best Predictor

Game time: 2018.6.14–2018.7.15 (UTC+8)

The best predictor game is based on the result of match winner guess game. The players that win 36 or more bets will share additional 100,000 YEE rewards. The players that win 24 -35 bets will share additional 50,000 YEE rewards. Compete with global players to be the best World Cup predictor!

Join the guess game to win big rewards:

60YEE Airdrop for YeeWallet Users has ended

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To celebrate the opening of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, Yee team held a 60YEE giveaway activity for our global users to fully enjoy this great event. The airdrop has been distributed to the qualified users’ Yeewallet on June 20.

“Invite friends, Share 30,000YEE” campaign has started in YeeCall Vietnamese community

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YeeCall referral campaign for YeeCall Vietnamese users has started on June 20. By referring your friend to download and sign up for YeeCall, both you and your friend can get 100YEE airdrop. The maximum YEE every attendee could get is 30,000 YEE.

Event ends on 6/30 23:59:59 (Vietnam time)
Reward will be distributed before 7/7 23:59:59 (Vietnam time)

Join to win up to 30,000 YEE now:

The campaign will be held in other countries soon. Stay tuned!

Yee News

Yee and BCSEC have established strategic cooperation relationship

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Yee and BCSEC will work together to promote the secure development of the blockchain ecosystem. BCSEC is a leading blockchain security team that focuses on the security of the blockchain ecosystem and provides blockchain security solution.

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