Yee Project Weekly Update 2018/05/26–2018/06/01

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Yee Project

YeeWallet: coin price trend chart will be available this week and email verification feature will be launched next week

Yee Application YeeCall: the new version will be available this week

  1. the user should get the admin’s permission to join a group.
  2. the user can choose to join a group or not rather than being added directly by his/her contacts.
  3. forbid the group members to add someone through the group.
  4. bug fixes.

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Yee Community

Yee x 1,000,000 YEE Giveaway has began

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Yee x 1,000,000 YEE Giveaway

To celebrate YEE being listed on, Yee joins with to hold a 1,000,000 YEE giveaway activity for YEE token holders from June 1, 2018 13:00 to June 6, 2018 13:00(HKT). With this activity, you can:

  1. Enjoy 0 trading fee when you trade on during its public beta period.
  2. Share 800,000 YEE by joining YEE trading competition and ranking TOP20.
  3. Receive 900 YEE tokens (first come first serve) when your trading volume (buy+sell, wash trading not included) is over 0.1 ETH.
  4. Join’s Official YeeCall Group, and share a total of 20,000 YEE airdrops everyday during the event period.

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Yee x CoinTiger YEE Trading Competition has ended

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Yee x CoinTiger YEE Trading Competition

On May 24, CoinTiger launched YEE/BTC and YEE/ETH trading pairs and joined Yee to hold “2,000,000 YEE reward for YEE trading competition” activity. The users whose YEE accumulated trading volume (buying volume + selling volume without executed volume by your own) ranks top 100 (minimum trading volume should be more than 10,000 YEE) will share a prize pool of 2,000,000 YEE. The competition has ended and the reward will be distributed to the qualified users in five working days.

Yee News

Yee CEO Zhang Lei: “To apply the blockchain technology, you have to solve 3 problems.”

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