Yee Project Weekly Update 2018/04/21–2018/04/27

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Yee Project

YeeWallet aims to be a cryptocurrency wallet that can support all kinds of cryptocurrencies. Upon YeeWallet’s launch, it can support YEE and ETH. This week, two more cryptocurrencies, HT and 3DB, are listed on YeeWallet. Airdrops were held to celebrate the new launches.

In the future, YeeWallet will support more cryptocurrencies and hold more airdrops to bring more benefits to our users. In addition to that, the new feature of coin transfer is under testing and optimization, and will be available by the early May. Stay tuned.

  1. the group features are enhanced, and new group features will be available soon.
  2. bug fixed, overall performance improved.
  3. calling quality is improved.

Yee Community

YEE trading Campaign on Bitlim

On April 23, Bitlim, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore, officially launched YEE/BTC and YEE/ETH. To celebrate YEE’s listing on Bitlim, Yee joins with Bitlim to hold a trading campaign and offers a total prize pool of 5 million YEE to TOP50 users.

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the 2nd Yee community meetup

On the afternoon of April 22, Yee community held the second meetup in Beijing. Yee product and operating team went to the meetup and shared the progress and plan of Yee project under the theme “YeeCall — the Super Entrance of Blockchain”. Yee COO Ruan Long also went to the meetup and answered community member’s question about the big moves Yee is going to take next. He disclosed that Yee is going to hold a number of activities with our partners like Huobi, 3DChain, etc., and we’ll work closely with more partners to bring great news to Yee community.

Yee will try to meet and talk directly with more community members. We’ll hold meetups in more cities and countries. Where would you like our next meetup to be? Tell us at

HT airdrop

On April 24, Yee joined with Huobi to airdrop 10,000 HT to YEE users based on their holding amounts in YeeWallet. On April 25, the rewards have been distributed to qualified users’ YeeWallet.

3DB airdrop

On April 27, Yee joined with 3DChain to airdrop 300,000 3DB to YEE users based on their holding amounts in YeeWallet. The rewards will be distributed to qualified users’ YeeWallet before 4/27 23:59:59 (GMT+8).

Yee News

Recently, the abnormal trading of BEC and SMT on OKEX and Huobi has exposed the problem of smart contract security loophole. Yee team checked YEE’s smart contract immediately and didn’t find the security loophole. After the re-check, Yee team’s technical expert analyzed BEC and SMT’s smart contract security loopholes and pointed out the solution. Yee team hopes blockchain practitioners could pay more attention to the technical level.

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CYZone’s journalist interviewed Yee CEO Zhang Lei, who talked about YeeCall joining the blockchain field as an “IM+Wallet”. He introduced Yee ecosystem from 3 dimensions: super group that supports 50,000 group members, digital wallet that supports all kinds of cryptocurrencies, and DApp Store.

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