Yee Project Weekly Update 2018/04/14–2018/04/20

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Yee Project

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Concept design of coin transfer feature

Owing to the great efforts made by the YeeWallet development team, YeeWallet coin transfer feature has been under testing this week. Based on the test results, YeeWallet team continues to optimize the feature and the overall performance. YeeWallet coin transfer feature will be available by early May. Stay tuned.

  • YeeCall team is dedicated to developing ‘discover group’, different ‘join group’ methods, and more group features to enrich application scenarios for YeeCall users.
  • Bug fixed. The bug that causes no sound during calling sometimes is fixed. Based on YeeCall users’ feedback, the team has optimized the overall performance and solved some detailed problems. The opening and response speed of YeeCall is further improved.

Yee Community

To express our gratitude to your support and love for YEE, we are working with Huobi Pro to hold a trading campaign and offering a total prize pool of 7,000,000 YEE to reward our fans around the world.

⌛Event time: 04/17 14:00 to 04/22 14:00 (GMT+8)

1. Sign up for the campaign at Huobi Pro

2. YEE trading volume ranks TOP20

*Buying + Selling volume without executed volume by your own

👉Sign up for the campaign:

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YEE Trading Campaign

👉More info about the campaign:

‘Invite Friends & Win YEE’ airdrop has ended with a great success last Sunday. After all of the invitations were reviewed, the rewards had been distributed to our users’ YeeWallet according to the number of valid invitations. If you’ve joined the airdrop, please check your YeeWallet. Thanks for the support of our dear fans. More exciting activities are coming. Stay tuned.

On April 22, Yee will hold the second meetup in Beijing. Yee product team will go to the meetup and talk with Yee community members about the progress Yee project has made and Yee application YeeCall’s ambition of ‘to be the super entrance of blockchain’.

Yee News

On April 20, GeekPark published the interview with Yee CEO Zhang Lei and talked about YeeCall’s ambition of ‘to be the super entrance of blockchain’ and the possibility of the birth of the ‘blockchain version WeChat’.

Check out the whole article here:

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The technical exchange between Yee team and 360 security experts

On the afternoon of April 16, Yee team had a technical exchange with the experts from 360 Security Research Institute and discussed about how to solve the security problems of public blockchain.

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