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Hello everyone! With the holidays around the corner, YEE would love to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support all along and wish all jolly holidays and happy new year!

2018 has been a great year for YEE project to take a deep breath and focus. Despite of the bear market, development of our public chain (YEECO) and our game changing consensus algorithm(Tetris) has been going smoothly and progressively and we are looking forward to YEE’s test net in 2019.

Highlights This Week

Tetris Consensus Algorithm Global Seminar & Stanford University

This week, Tetris Consensus Algorithm Global Seminar approached CryptoLabs, the blockchain laboratory at Stanford University. According to Bril Wang, Tetris has revolutionized innovation in the blockchain consensus algorithm, which is quite different from traditional consensus algorithms such as POW, POS, and DPOS. Stewart Raphael, chief blockchain specialist at Stanford University's blockchain lab, also showed great interets in Tetris's mathematical logic, algorithmic principles, and security design and agreed to look into it and improve it with YEE team.

Sam attended GBDC 2018 in Hong Kong

On Dec 16, Sam,Head of Development, was invited to participate in the 2018 GBDC (Global Blockchain Developers Conference) to introduce the new consensus algorithm Tetris of the YEE public chain to global blockchain developers. In the field exchange, Sam announced Tetris consensus algorithm innovation is to revolutionize the creation of an efficient Byzantine fault-tolerant algorithm kernel in the non-licensed chain environment, and implement the participation of the Byzantine fault-tolerant algorithm kernel in the upper layer. The pluggable protocol improves the TPS to more than 10,000 while ensuring security. The incentive mechanisms such as DPOS and POS that have been successfully implemented can also participate in the Tetris consensus kernel according to their own ecological characteristics.

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Rawpool and bloXroute Team visits YEE’s Office

\YEE launched strategic cooperation with Rawpool and bloXroute. The experience of Rawpool’s in the industry such as mining machines, mining pools and mines, and bloXroute’s technology in Layer 0 data transmission will greatly accelerate the development of YEE’s public chain.

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YEE invited to ‘Node Family Development Camp

On Dec 20, YEE also participated in "Node Family Development Camp" organized by Node Capital, along with BIMG, Standard Consensus, Long Chain Technology, Zhifan Technology, NodePlus, Prajna Technology, Hotnode, Hiwa, etc.

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YEE’s white paper in Russian … soon

Russian plays a crucial role in the market of blockchain, which YEE considers highly important for our development. That is why we are translating our white paper to Russian and willing to invite more people from Russia to join our community.

New Github Commits

We are very happy to announce that another experienced developer, Ming, joined Xu and Li, started adding commits to our Github channel this week. We have 20 new commits this week, check them out here.

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See you next week!

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