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Good day all!

After months of hard working, we are excited to announce that this week the development of Tetris consensus is nearing completion. Tetris is a consensus algorithm that was originally created by the YEE and proved mathematically.

On November 16, 2018, YEE published a paper on the Tetris consensus algorithm. On November 22nd, the paper was included in the academic website arXiv.

From the publication date of the paper, the YEE team conducted in-depth exchanges with experts from universities and research institutes such as Stanford, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Zhejiang University to improve the Tetris consensus algorithm.

Data of Tetris demo shows that the TPS of the Tetris consensus algorithm can exceed 10,000. With a processing power of 2.6G CPU and simulation of 10 nodes, the TPS can reach up to 32995.

Now that the development of the consensus part is basically completed. The focus of R&D in the next month will be additional functions such as DHT network, P2P network, node deployment, transfer-testing, main blockchain R&D, currency test, and account application system. This week, the code for DHT network, P2P network, node deployment, and other functions have been updated and is expected to be completed in the next two weeks.

We are excited to share this news and also excited that many media shows great interest in it too.

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Media coverage of Tetris

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