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Hey all!

Good to be back.

It was the Lunar New Year Festival on February 5th and YEE would love to wish you all a great upcoming year in 2019, year of the pig.

Most of the team took the chance to spend time with their friends and family during the Chinese New Year holidays. Yet they still managed to squish time for work as our commit numbers in GitHub kept growing. And after the break, the team had more momentum on work and getting ready for our test-net release at the end of March. Well done, team!

YeeCall Repose 1.0 Release

YeeCall released its first product, YeeCall Repose 1.0 earphones just before the Lunar New Year. YeeCall Repose 1.0 earphones offer active noise canceling using YeeCall ’s noise managing technology developed in YeeCall Acoustic lab. This technology was widely used and tested in YeeCall app providing HD audio and video calling in spite of poor internet connections and long distances.

We are very thrilled to see more of our unique technology applied to wider use in different areas to build a more convenient life for everyone. And that is one of YEE’s many intentions too. Our revolutionary Tetris consensus algorithm, Subnetting technology, and CDHT Storage Network will all be open for corporations once ready.

YEE & 0x

On Feb 15, YEE COO Long and Clay Robbins from 0x had a #hangouts meeting and exchanged insights on both public blockchains and blockchain ecosystems. And YEE is glad to be invited to join The 0x Ecosystem Acceleration Program.

Check out about The 0x Ecosystem Acceleration Program here.

YEE with LOVE ❤️❤️❤️

Celebrate and Spread LOVE!

YEE launched Valentine’s Day Love Campaign on Feb 13 on Twitter asking people to spread love and get a chance to win 2,000 YEE tokens. This campaign received a great amount of love from our community and we are proud to have 5 lucky winners from our community. Each winner will receive 2,000 YEE tokens in the next a few days.

Thank you, YEE community! Thank you, love!

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️❤️❤️

Check our YEE Valentine’s Day Campaign here.

New GitHub Commits

This week, our developers added 6new commits to our project at GitHub.

Check out more and follow us on Github: Here

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

See you next week!

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